20 Random Facts About Me

The ’20 Random facts about me’ is a challenge that has been going on in circles and requires one, if nominated, to clearly outline some facts about ones self which probably was not known to many. Could be your most kept secret or undiscovered truth.

Hmm! So I got nominated by Chinazor (blushes ‘n Dimples) for the ’20 random facts about me’ challenge. Well, just be warned, there are things that may shock you so parental guidance (PG) on this post is rated 16…lol. Oya let me start;

  1. Have you ever known someone who could feed on just rice for 6months? My guess is NO. but not to worry, you can be proud to say you know one when next you’re asked. Yes! I said it. I love rice plenty plenty.
  2. I am nocturnal. yeah! I am most active from the hours of 11pm through 3am until am forced to sleep. Else, I go on till daybreak and then my night starts at 6am.Don’t even try to wake me up by 7am to say “go and prepare for work, its morning”. Biko we have different mornings
  3. This one should not vex some people o! Business is business, I don’t allow friendship get in the way. After all, if you are my friend na you suppose support me pass with more patronage. Abi no be so?
  4. Cooking is fun to me, I could stay in the kitchen all day making orishirishi meals. *and trust me its delicious, wink*
  5. Anything washing…capital NO. I hate washing be it laundry or dishes please just count me out
  6. Call it perfection, I just love to place things in the right way and do what is right so no one is offended. In doing this, I could be very opinionated and sadly society sometimes tags me to be rude *sad face*
  7. Ghen Ghen! *some nollywood sound* I can confidently say I am a chicken thief. Yes o! I love chicken to the core. No matter how satisfied I am, the chicken must go down. *First of all, go down low*  So when next am around you and we are dinning, you may want to be careful so as not to step out while your chicken is still whole.
  8. Whoop Whoop! What best way can I express my joy if not dancing. Dancing gives me joy and well, people say I dance well but am sure you’re not convinced until you see for yourself.
  9. Oh no! Acrophobia. One of my greatest fears is height. I walk with my body leaned on the wall whenever am on a high floor just so I don’t get a view of what’s below…that ish could scare life out of me.
  10. My love for sweet things can never die, chocolates and cupcakes especially. The only setback to this is that I feel cold vibrations on my teeth and that’s how I know I have consumed excess.
  11. Family is everything. I won’t trade my beautiful sis, mom and bro for nothing.
  12. Errr….I don’t know how to say this without being crucified but I will (sha) say it. I do not use body cream. Call it cream, pomade, lotion, whatever you choose to name it. My complexion darkens when am stressed and probably been under the heat of the sun for quite a while but when I return to my comfort zone, my complexion returns to normal……the bright and wonderful side.  Good thing right? Yeah am blessed like that. Please don’t feel am keeping a secret when you ask what cream I use and I just give a smile. Now you know!
  13. Sometimes I could be too calculated to a fault. I delay in carrying out an action because of one or two random thoughts in my head. To me, I am looking for the best time but to others, am being lazy. Well, my delay in action has worked for me though has sometimes failed me and of course other times, I actually end up not doing what I was supposed to do  boring
  14. The above leads to the next fact about me. I forget things a lot. This may be as a result of me not doing things just immediately (as mentioned in (13)) or….. I just don’t know. But somehow I do forget and its not funny at all. So just in case I don’t return your call or give a response to a prior discussion, please pardon me.
  15. Side meals to me happen to be the best. I just can’t do without keeping my mouth busy with some things to grind. This must be where my love for chocs grew out from.
  16. To be pushy is not my thing. My only problem with this is that a lot of people see this to be some kinda ‘girl forming’. My dearest people, I don’t know how to push things. For me, if I set the ball rolling and ensure that to the best of my knowledge I have done what is required, I just leave the rest to God. Going the extra mile to do some illegal runz or corner-corner is not in me.
  17. Most people (especially those close to me) call me a lawyer just because I know how to defend myself so well. Is this a fault or a plus? Am yet to find out.  Some have said I don’t take corrections, some say I have the perfect way of giving excuses.
  18. It takes me an extra effort to do all the shakara known to be done by women. Like fix your hair every week or two, get your nails done, use all kinds of mixtures on the skin, buy bunch of clothes every other week. But somehow I have found love and peace with the lifestyle…little things to worry about.
  19. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say, but when its truly beautiful, it catches the eye of everyone. Right? So I love beautiful things, beautiful people. Little wonder I am in the beauty/makeup industry as a makeup artist.
  20. Above all, I love Jehovah God, the greatest.


There you go with the ’20 random facts about me’. Its advisable that the points listed above should not in any way, influence your thoughts or the way you handle your relationship with me. That’s why its rated 16…..for the matured minds. 

If you read this, feel free to tag your friends and let them join the competition or trend. You may have some thoughts after reading these reading these 20 facts, please do well to pour them out in the comment box below. Don’t forget to also share some points tiny little secrets about yourself, it only helps to know you better.

Until my next post, stay…


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