2014 Defining Moments: The Year in a Nutshell

31st Dec 2014

Dear Diary,

It’s been a very long and hectic year. One filled with challenges and strengths, smiles in sadness, beauty borne out of chaos amongst other lots of scenery that can only be described in metaphors. Flash back to some time in June 2013, just then I joined others in completing the mandatory National Youth Service. It was a day of celebration, one we partied to and made wishes and consumed in our hearts only the best thoughts. But what about the path to these things; the reality!

The wide gates of the NYSC had pushed more graduates into the system, increasing the deluge of individuals seeking employment. The economy like a two-faced woman in a lewd dress weaved out of expensive fabrics, wearing a long hair made of strands of unemployed youths and standing tall on a 6-inch heel like the shoulders of sly politicians. The city which I’ve lived in for six years began to look like I just arrived as friends had deserted it, crossing borders in search of greener pastures. Days, weeks (not months definitely) passed by as I engaged in lonesome moments trying to figure out what life holds. My lips looking like they were rubricated with expensive MAC lipsticks as I constantly romanced them with the prongs of my teeth while soliloquising. The worst part of this was that at a time, thoughts became even obstacles to thoughts until I asked myself, why not enhance your aptitude in maquillage. 

Just then, I dived into the Makeup Industry fully and registered Topnotch Makeovers. Topnotch began slowly but steadily and has not stopped. However, there are challenges usually encountered with start-ups and Topnotch was not an exception but still through the storm, we emerged victorious. For one thing, it was tasking to come across clients and for the ones gained, it took a lot of effort to keep them. This wasn’t going to last, something had to be done real quick. In a bid to increase publicity and gain more clients, Instagram showed the way. 

And again, the challenges associated with social media showed its ugly face. Unfortunately, we live in an age and environment where people are measured/valued by the number of people in their social clique, how many Instagram/facebook followers, likes you have on a photo or the number of comments on a Facebook post. For a start-up company, of course, patience, determination and smart work were critical ingredients to success. All this I put together in the best way I could, some jolly good fellows also helped with a good ride up the pyramid.  Having shown some level of competence, few champs (as in the mama and papas) in the social world who have gained hundreds of thousands of followers took the liberty of displaying one of my works on their pages. Whoop Whoop! this brought about 700 followers in hours. Never knew so much people appreciated my efforts…..and this was just the beginning of the social climb.

These were remarkable moments of 2014. In all, the year has had its rough and smooth sides, ups and downs, strengths and weakness, but with good friends and well wishers, the negatives just last for the night and its a sunny day by the morning. No one said it was going to be easy. I know right! Thanks to well wishers, dear friends, lovely clients, and family who have in their own way, contributed to the success of Topnotch Makeovers. For those yet to join the Topnotch Boat, please jump in and lets make history. Asides the blog here, you can keep in touch with Topnotch Makeovers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Greatest thanks to our most faithful creator, Jehovah.  

See you in a bubbly 2015.


Chioma P. Asidanya
   Makeup Artist

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  1. Just came across your IG page & blog…nice write up & beautiful work you do. Wish you were not in far away Abuja, would have come “famzing” & learning advanced tips/tricks from you as I also intend diving into the makeup industry. Wishing you all the goodies 2015 will be offering. Happy new year!

    1. Awww! so sweet of you Adedamola. Well, don’t hesitate to stop by the studio or give a buzz whenever you’re in Abuja. Thanks for taking out time to check the blog and dropping your thoughtful comment.


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