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BeautyContest is an Instagram contest organised by Topnotch Makeovers and LoveweddingNG. In a bid to show love and appreciation to loyal customers, the duo will be giving out cash prizes to three winners. You know how they say your voice should not die in the bathroom right! it’s the same here, don’t be a makeup pro just in your bedroom, let the world know how good your makeup skills are.

We know you have received lots of compliments on your good makeup but its time to get some cash. The beauty contest is easy(in fact the easiest) and its for real mehn!  It’s simple to win, all you need to do is put your skills to effective use.

We know you’re good at makeup, but this skill should not be known just in your bedroom. You can win cash prizes for making yourself up. Yes! Its as simple as these steps;

  1. Pick any of the looks below
  2. replicate the look on yourself,
  3. take a photo and share it with us on Instagram. Be sure that your photo is clear enough and you follow the rules so you are not disqualified. 

There are, however, rules that apply to the contest which the images below will provide more information. Be sure to read them carefully.

beauty contest
                                                 Rules of the Contest


beauty contest


beauty contest

beauty contest

There you have it. Go ahead and let your skills fetch you great rewards.

Be sure to follow Topnotch Makeovers and LoveWeddingsNG on Instagram. While you are at this, do remember that a Topnotch Masterclass will commence on the 15th February 2016. There would be discounts for the first three registered persons. In case you missed the post, Click Here to read more.

You don’t want to miss out. We have loads of goodies this year. yihaaaaa!

Hope to see you emerge, Winner!





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