BM|PRO Long Lasting Lipgloss ‘Redd’

While everyone focused on highlighting and contouring, one talented makeup artist and brand CEO, focused on the lips of everyone…including those who talked about Highlighting and contouring. With this focus came a long lasting lip gloss, BM|PRO Redd.

One faithful day, in the spirit of a beauty blogger, I left my studio and headed for the M&M Event Centre where the Wed Expo was taking place in Abuja. After taking lots and lots of shots, I could not help but visit the BM|PRO stand, Patiently gazing around the displayed collection, my eyes caught the beauty and conspicuous colour of the BM|PRO Redd (long lasting lip stain) . What happened next? Of course I got one for myself


‘Redd’ is a perfect shade of Red, and very matte (has no lustre or shine). If you do not like loud makeup, maybe you should stay away as this one is not for the ‘soft’. With a strong and obvious red finish, the BM|PRO Redd gives you the great burst of colour you desire, lasting all day long. Believe me, its difficult to get it out of your lips even after the day. Little wonder its called a stain.

Because of its very matter nature, its adivsable to coat your lips first with a lip balm( just to moisturise a little) before you proceed with your application of the lip stain

Some say its pricey. For me, it does a great job and If I get satisfaction for my money, then I consider it worth it. 

have you tried any of the BM|PRO products? Leave your comments and let’s know your thoughts/experience. 


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