Bridal Feature: Zainab

So, I mentioned here what took me AWOL last week right? Anyway, am here with my alibi. Please don’t expect me to explain much in words, pictures will do justice better. 

First off, a big congrats to Sanusi and Zainab for tying the knots. The wedding event took place in Mambilla, somewhere in distant Taraba State. I promised to make a blog post on my experience, this is still in the pipeline but I just can’t wait to share pictures of this beauty. Am sure after you’ve gone through this, my alibi will be accepted and I will be granted a royal pardon. Right?

Lights, Camera, Action……………….

Mambilla plateau
The Mambilla Bride: Zainab

hausa weddings

hausa weddings

hausa weddings


There’s a lot of interesting steps  involved in the Hausa traditional marriage. From Kamu to Kaya Lefe, Wedding Fathia, Budan Kai and just almost (if not) all part of it is breathtaking. It’s good to travel, explore, expand your horizon and capture life in its glory. I found some interesting details in these culture. With the hassles and dysfunctional logistics encountered, it was still fun all the way.

So We covered the Budan Kai.  “Budan kai” meaning the “Unveiling of the bride” is an event organized by the groom’s family in order to honour and welcome the bride to her new family. During this occasion the bride is presented with gifts both in cash and in kind.

That’s just about it. More pictures will be made available via my facebook fan page and also on instagram.  You know it could be quite tasking after making the bride up, her girls and probably moms and yet you still have to battle to get some shots of the final look. If you’re fortunate enough, you could get a few but sometimes, none. And then you’re left at the mercy of the photographer. Good thing is, I have the couple captured by the photographer who also made my crew the best clique. See more……

I managed to get these few shots. I hope I tried. Now that’s my alibi for going AWOL.

hausa weddings

hausa weddings

hausa weddings

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