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Glad to finally be able to stroke my keyboard and compose a lovely piece for your consumption. Been MIA for a while, my bad! the season got me all worked out and had some work hangover to recover from. Good thing am back. Thanks for your support and patience all through the period.  Over to the focus of this write-up, a review on a ‘small but mighty’ product. Probably you have one of those makeup brushes or beauty blenders used to ease makeup application. We all know how stressful and time-taking it can be to comb brushes on an almost smooth palm in a sense to get them clean. Well, there’s a great product in town aimed at putting that stress in the past…..the Brush Egg. Heard about it? 

What is brush egg?

The brush egg is a compact, easy, affordable and effective tool for keeping your brushes clean. The Brush egg is similar to Sigma Spa Glove, which are designed to help with the deep cleaning of your makeup brushes. Shaped like a boiled egg split into half, this pretty tool is convenient for use and helps save time and cleaning resources.

brush egg

Brush egg is made of high-grade silicone with small knobs at the top used for foaming and leathering which is ideal for cleaning smaller brushes & the lines at the rest of the brush egg are ideal for washing off dirts from bigger brushes without stripping them. The brush egg comes in either rose or mint green.

brush egg

How to use the brush egg?

The brush egg is designed with a small space that can fit just two fingers, so any finger(s) you’re more comfortable with can be placed inside to hold it firmly while swirling your brush on the knobs or lines on the brush egg. 


brush egg
brush egg with finger space beneath
brush egg
hold the brush egg with fingers in the dock
brush egg
img src: @brushegg – IG


The brush egg is worth buying and it’s inexpensive. It saves me time to cleanse off my brushes. It is ‘small but mighty’. Easy to carry around as well ( especially for makeup artists ). So you might want to try it and give me a feedback about this product.


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