I took the ‘Fall’ with the Autumn leaves

Fall in North America interchangeably known as Autumn,  is one of the four temperate seasons and marks the transition from summer into winter. Not everyone makes it for holiday in summer, am just one of such.

Last year, I wrote “I know what you did last summer”, a post (unfortunately no more on the blog) titled after the popular 1997 American slasher film that related activities, events and lifestyle that shadowed me during my summer vacation at the states. This year, the story is different – I  made it for vacation just when summer had ended and yes the autumn leaves began their journey to the ground –  that’s Fall. Another remarkable point was a change in location: last year i resided in NewYork but Texas yelled out to me and offered me Dallas which i almost took for Dollars so again, i took the ‘Fall’ – Now you know girls ain’t smiling!

Arriving at the Dallas Forth Worth airport, with a heart beat like that of an Olympian who just finished a sprint race. Heavy bags of local food (isi okporoko, crayfish, ugwu leaves and more) were mostly responsible for this feeling. Getting ready for security checks, I spontaneously developed a character of obedience and calm (more than I used to) and consciously obeying laws that were even non-existent. Approaching a security officer, i wore a smile like one who won a jackpot and mustering courage to speak on stage. He asked “Do you have any of those okporoko, ugwu…?” I was shocked but this gave me the confidence and joy like i found myself with a Nigerian- white Nigerian-wanna-be. being a sharp girl, i didn’t even bother answering his questions. Instead, I did what Nigerians are well known for – throwing back a question as an answer to a question. So, in reply, i asked how he managed to know all this, and he said “its my job to know what comes into the country and where it comes from”. Smiles ensued and somehow led to an end of the questioning and security check. I was cleared!

That was impressive! Unlike the Nigerian security where you just hear sounds alike that of barking dogs: ‘hey’ ‘you’ ‘haii’ ‘siiiiii’ ‘stop there’….very discontinued and incomplete sentences not even qualified as phrases.

Warm and welcoming is however the Nigerian airport. As you approach the exit hall, you hear a sound competition similar to that of opposing fans at a football stadium. These are usually porters who would want to help with your bags, how to beat security checks, provide counsel on where to stay, help stop a cab, and give the common ‘God bless you’ – All this advisory and business service for a tip. The Americans may see this as uncivilsed but I argue differently – it is the beginning of hospitality (even though you somehow have to pay for the service). Come to think of it, you also have to pay to use a trolley and yet push it yourself, putting both side by side, I prefer Homeland. It could be daunting to arrive in a no man’s land almost too early or too late. It gets even worse that you are left all alone, no one to help, no one cares, if you get lost, even better!

After I had cleared my bags, I had to find my way to a lounge where i relaxed for some hours before i saw my sister leap with joy and open arms…..This is where it all started!

Just so i dont bore you with unprofessional literature, See more in photos……..



20151021225936 (1)





As days came by, I had to work. Even while vacating, there is a strong force that wont let me be idle to enjoy all the spoils and fun so i had to work. It took some days to organize a photo-shoot session with some of the best and amazing photographers and models in Texas. Thanks to my darling sister who is yet to take a career in events management and planning (she was a great assistant). She however is undergoing a course in Nursing which i think is good enough for her soft spirit of care.


Behind the Scene – Prepping for the shoot


Random Pictures.

I also had some random pictures taken at home, on the lawn, along the streets and every other place i could find myself.

topnotch makeovers
take a bow – The End!

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The End!


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