MAC Dupe Series

MAC has no doubt paved its way to the top in the Global Makeup Industry. Yes, the products are of great quality but the prices? Killing. The cost of a product has a ripple effect on other products and services that depend on it.

There’s a lot of rave about MAC products out there. Sometimes, people walk into your studio and all they ask for is MAC, other times, its BlackUp. True that people go for expensive items to belong to a social class, others go for it because they assume its the best you can get. For those who do not belong to any of the afore-mentioned school of thoughts, where do they belong? I guess they have a controlled budget and believe in achieving best results with little costs. The last school of thought introduces us to the “MAC Dupe Series”.

Ever fall in love with a product only to realize it’s too expensive or no longer available? The Dupe Series makes life just a little easier whenever you’re looking for an alternative option, whether the original has long been discontinued, sold out in a hot minute, or you just want something a little lighter on your wallet. Or maybe you just want to find out if something you own is close enough to the latest and greatest hyped up red lipstick.

The MAC Dupe series will bring to you, dupes (options/substitutes) for the MAC products (for face, eyes and lips) that may be too pricey.

Hey! Did you just say no brand can beat MAC? Just to let you know, this series is not focused on the comparison of makeup products to point out the negativities in one, but focused on providing substitutes that give flawless result and yet light on your pocket. Still don’t believe? I guess you have to keep up with the series so you see for yourself.


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