Man treks from Lagos to Abuja

Well, It’s in the news- someone new is breaking the internet and good thing, this time, its not Kim K or some other celerity. Did I say celebrity? Well, this one is a celebrity now as it stands as he just got made. 

Suleiman Hashimu who vowed to trek from Lagos to Abuja should Gen. Buhari win the March 28 2015 presidential Polls has finally arrived the Federal Capital Territory today. According to Google, a distance of 746.7 km by car (only God knows how much he covered by foot) started with baby steps on the 30th March 2015, Suleiman has proved to be a man of his word and is slightly breaking the internet (in Nigeria).

man treks from lagos to abuja

According to The Vanguard,  Some have however disputed this to be true, claiming that no one was there to supervise the ‘walk for life’ and neither did he make any public announcement on the day he kicked-off. In another view, his supporters are cheering the 33year old to success and chanting praises as he walks the streets.

man who trekked from lagos to abuja
some have said this is impossible

Mixed reactions began flooding timelines on all social media platforms when he first made a loud appearance on arrival at Minna, Niger state some time last week. He subsequently pulled same media stunt when he arrived Suleja and he has since then, been winning the praises of the soft hearted and unknown to the hard hearted, winning their audience. Suleiman while speaking to news men and independent journalists, narrated some of his experience  during the course of the walk. 

Well, whether they accept it or not, this young man has showed up in Abuja. In my opinion, since critics didn’t make themselves available to serve as patrol vehicles or ‘walk for life’ observers, its would be best if they remain neutral to the debate. Besides, the young man has not asked for anything… least not yet! 

What’s your take on this?


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