Mishamoon – Fashion & LifeStyle Brand for Women

Today, Mishamoon Intl Ltd. would like to announce the creation and launch of its new website; “www.mishamoonbabe.com”. With an already existing strong online presence on Facebook and Instagram, Mishamoon is making great progress in the area of public relations.

With the recent advances in the world of technology, it is only productive that we showcase our products to a world wide audience. During the last two months, we have worked tirelessly on this project which is now live and ready to be viewed by the awaiting public.

Garnering 20,000 fans on Instagram and 5,000 likes on facebook with no advertising budget, Mishamoon has created an audience eager for new and better clothes at great prices.

With the new website, one can surf through a collection of attractive and stylishly designed wears. You can also purchase theme items online at your convenience and have them delivered to you anywhere nationwide (we ship only within Nigeria).

Some of the social media links operated by Mishamoon Intl Ltd.:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mishamoonbabe
Instagram: https://instagram.com/falkebyaisha

For more on Mishamoon, please visit the about us page of Mishamoon.  For enquiries, you can also leave messages  here

MishamoonFashion & LifeStyle Brand for Women


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