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Looking good is good business they say, but how can one achieve a good look? Well, start from your hair.

Your hair speaks volume when it comes to beauty. It adds the glamour you never imagined and could create an unexpected attention. In my case, I did a look (sometime in October) with the intent of sharing it on the tutorial column of the blog but my fast fingers posted the pictures on my instagram page.

rare strands hairs

With all my shakara, I wore my Amera customised 16″ 300g mongolian hair by ‘Rare Strands’ only to get a shocker of my lifetime. The thoughts of the hair stealing the attention of my audience was heartbreaking. To worsen it, I could not remember the products used for the look when I was ready to do a blog post and now, I’m being forced to write on the hairindecision. Wonders! To add insult to the injury, it was featured on popular wedding/makeup vendor fan pages and yet again, the hair stole the look.sad


nigerian wedding

myweddingnigeria feature

On the other hand, it complimented the makeup I had on and gave me an overall attraction… #topnotch look.wink

I am aware there’s been so much rave in the air about natural hair (Chloe’s makeover you are guilty of this) but not everyone is yet to key into that. Thus, this post is for people who are not ready to join #teamnaturalhair and in search of where to buy beautiful weaves this holiday season.

Rare Strands has been my supplier of wonderful weaves in attractive styles for some years now and it’s not surprise I have not been let down as Rare Strands comprises of a and hard-working team dedicated to providing you quality customer care service. The fun part is this, Rare Strands is currently on sales and giving out beautiful weaves at discounted prices.

rare strand sales

For more information and enquiries, please contact Rare Strands:
Office: Shop BPS5, Old Banex Plaza, Wuse II, Abuja (Abuja Office)

Shop 3, Plot 8/9, Ada-George Road, PortHarcourt (PortHarcourt Office)

Phone: +2348038708706

BB PIN: 266554AA

email: rarehairextensions@yahoo.com

Instagram: @rarestrandshairs

PS: For those who asked much about the weave, I guess I have kept my promise of revealing the source. To Rare Strands, if you’re reading this, just know that I am coming for my December freebie.


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