How to Treat Pimple Using Mary Kay ClearProof

Acne otherwise known as pimple is a skin disease characterised by scaly red skin, black heads and maybe scarring but that’s not all. To say the worst, acne could reduce one’s self esteem and in extreme cases maybe lead to depression. 

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Back to the topic of the day, a rough and pimpled face could make you lose out in a contest even before yo try. Why is this? Low self esteem to say the least. Sometimes people around you may act in an awkward manner and your first thought is “are they laughing at me?” You may have carried out lots of research looking for ways to not just your smooth face back but also regain your confidence. This brings us to the focus of this post; a 2 in 1 (beauty tip and review) beauty meal.

The Mary Kay clearproof is a combination of four products (clarifying cleansing gel, blemish control toner, oil-free moisturizer and acne treatment gel). For best results, they are to be used together though there are steps in the application process. For clarity and to make sure you apply these items just the right way, I will explain the steps and method of application below;

Did I forget to mention that i got myself involved in a pimple invasion? Oh yes I did. I had some pimple throwing winks at each other just after I consumed a large amount of peanut. On one hand, it was bad but on the other hand, it inspired my review on the Mary kay ClearProof. 

Here are just a benefits from the Mary kay ClearProof (acne treatment kit)

Reduce Blemishes

Smooth/Clear Skin

Reduced Oily skin

Steps involved in using thr Mary kay ClearProof

Clean Your Face

  • Remove makeup (if any) using a makeup remover
  • Apply a little amount of the clarifying cleansing gel on your palm and slide both palms gently on each other to create a soft, foamy but never bubbly lather
  • Rub gently on your face and caress inwardly but circular with your fingers so as to scrub thoroughly. This should remove the dirt from your face, leaving your face clean and fresh
  • Rinse your face with water
  • Dry with a clean towel
how to treat pimple
Clarifying cleansing gel


  • Gently damp a cotton pad with few drops of the blemish control toner and carefully apply on the affected areas on your face (please avoid contact with eyes as you do this)
  • Note: Do not pour directly on your hand to apply on the face, This may cause you to use more than required which is dangerous as the toner produces a hot/scorchy sensation on the face.
how to treat pimple
Blemish Control Toner


  • Pour Out little amount of oil-free moisturiser unto your palm
  • apply gently on all areas of your face
how to treat pimple
Oil Free Moisturiser

Apply Gel

  • Apply acne treatment gel to acne-prone/affected areas on your face
how to treat pimple
Acne treatment gel

And that’s it ladies. You’re good to go. This complete acne treatment kit works wonders so please dont just read but share to a friend who will share to a friend. Go for that smooth face and #bringbackyourconfidence. For those who are interested in this kit, kindly inform me by leaving your reply below. 


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