Winner of the Topnotch Anniversary Blog Giveaway

Topnotch Makeovers’ Anniversary Blog Giveaway was organised to not only mark the event, but to appreciate blog viewers/readers, supporters, friends and well wishers, and esteemed clients.

Hello Everyone,

So just a couple of days back Topnotch Makeovers celebrated her one year anniversary. I announced a blog giveaway to that effect which was valid for about 76hours. Now the time is up and I am set to announce the winner. Just for transparency (yeah, free and fair election…lol) I will like to give a brief on how we came about a winner.

I guess you noticed the tool/widget used for entry into the blog giveaway.  The tool is designed by a company called rafflecopter and they specialise in blog giveaways and contests. All that was needed was to set it up and install/configure on the blog……and then relax and watch as entries file in. Below is our table of all entries;

topnotch anniversary entry list 1

topnotch anniversary entry list 2

Hold up! noYou noticed entries in the email field were distorted yeah? Well, this had nothing to do with picking a winner, I had to do that for your privacy before some *abada men* copy your email addresses and start spamming you. So be rest assured this election was free and fair. thumbsup

Once the blog giveaway was over, all I had to do was simple….Click a button for the system to pick a random entry. And guess who ?……..Hold your breath lovelies.

The winner is; Nnaji Joy *roll the drums* claphandshake

Winner of the Topnotch Makeovers Anniversary giveaway
Winner of the Topnotch Makeovers Anniversary giveaway

Topnotch makeovers Blog giveaway Winner of the Topnotch Makeovers’ Anniversary Blog Giveaway

Congratulations to our winner, Nnaji Joy. If you’re reading this, please know you will be contacted shortly by email and phone.

A big thank you to all those who participated. Also to well wishers for their heartfelt messages. With your unwavering support, Topnotch Makeovers will surely grow stronger and better. There will be more giveaways coming your way so stay happy, Keep calm and get the best of beauty tips, events, tutorials and more from Topnotch Makeovers.

Giveaway Alert: I will be giving out two vouchers to two fab blog readers to get their hair fixed at Capelli Salon and Makeme Salon.

Till my next post, remember to stay topnotch.



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